Double Chocolate Cake And Raspberry


* 700g pkt chocolate mud cake mix

* Ali 610g pkt black and white chocolate raspberry swirl cake mix

* 6 eggs

* 2 / 3 cup vegetable oil

* 3 tablespoons margarine or butter, softened

* 1 1 / 2 c. tablespoons milk

* 150 g of raspberries, for garnish



Line 2 x 20cm round cake pans with nonstick baking paper. Prepare cake according to package instructions. Set aside to cool completely.


Use a serrated knife, carefully cut the cake, the crowning achievement to flatten. Cut the cake in half horizontally.


Prepare the icing mud pie according to package instructions. Set aside 10 minutes to thicken.


Meanwhile, prepare the white chocolate icing according to package directions.


Place the base of the sludge cake on a serving platter. Add 1 / 3 of the mud cake icing on the cake. Place a layer cake with white chocolate on top. Dissemination of the average mud cake is the icing on the cake. Top with remaining cake layer of mud. Spread the remaining mud cake icing on the cake. Top with the remaining white chocolate cake. Spread white chocolate frosting on top of the cake. Sprinkle the raspberries to serve.

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