Make Cake In A Mug

Mug Cake Make

They are working at home and mind begins to wander opportunity to snack. There are probably some pre-packaged, good up to - first of the Millennium-fried items in a closet, but it's something warm wind from the oven. Something chocolate. However, it should do the job is only strong enough to keep you leave your computer long enough to scratch something. I guess that must be another stale Twinkie, after all.

But wait! With Cake in a cup, you can get a hot, delicious chocolate cake freshly baked in minutes! And just a microwave, some hot chocolate mix and a couple of ingredients you probably have received in your kitchen.

Ready to make your own cake in a cup? All you need to know is below.

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(A note to parents: This is a great recipe for children to be themselves, too, once they know, do that when some are made and you do not even need to leave your "office.)



A large cup in the microwave

A measuring spoon

4 tablespoons flour

9 tablespoons of hot chocolate mix

1 pinch of salt

1 egg

3 tablespoons water

3 tablespoons oil

Cooking Spray

Recipe for a huge part.


Spray a little cooking spray in the cup.

Measure flour, hot chocolate mix and salt in a cup. Stir.

Break the egg into the cup. Stir a bit after adding the egg to the cup does not overflow.

Add water and oil.

Stir until moistened. Be sure to scrape the bottom of the cup with a spoon to avoid pockets of leftover dry ingredients.

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