Simply Glorious: Recipe Chocolate Ganache Three Ways

As much as I love the fondant icing American, nothing beats a decadent, indulgent taste and texture of chocolate ganache. Made with pure chocolate and whipped cream, chocolate ganache is a friend best lovers. The versatility of the enamel, decorative pipes, and responds to the need for whipped cream icing, frosting and filling.

Below I represented three different ways to decorate cupcakes with the same recipe and batch I made yesterday. As a glaze, you can easily pour the ganache on the cake for a nice smooth finish. If you are looking for a whipped chocolate filling, look no further. Ganache whip as you would cream, and make sure your bowl and beaters are nice and cold. And whatever you do, do not put your ganache in the freezer, hoping to whip him. It will not whip and has a consistency similar curdly. For a thick glaze or decorative pipes, to cool the ganache truffles as a texture. Whatever you decide to eat, the ganache satisfy your sweet tooth and chocolate cravings. Here are step by step photos to guide you. Enjoy!

Three different ways to use the ganache icing, filling and piping.


* 12 ounces of chopped chocolate

* 1 cup heavy cream

* Optional 3 tablespoons flavored liqueor

First Place chocolate pieces in a large bowl. Heat cream over medium heat until boiling. Remove from heat and immediately pour the cream over the chocolate and stir until completely blended and glossy. Allow the ganache to cool before pouring the glaze over cake. The more you allow the ganache to cool, the thicker it will be fixed. Typically I keep mine in the fridge, so it's a little cold before whipping. For pipes or glaze, ganache cool completely and set up. Once you are able to do over the ganache and it can keep its consistency it is ready for piping.

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