This is chocolate. I gathered some information about what you want, then write an article because I thought it was a good choice. Most people in the world as much chocolate this article is devoted to "People who are in love with chocolate."

"Chocolate", a word when we hear the words of our mouth wet. It consists of cocoa. It is cultivated in South and Central America for at least three millennia. Many people in this world loves chocolate. Chocolates are popular with people of all ages in the same way, especially in children. Chocolate is one of the most delicious desserts in the world. It 'used in many deserts also add flavor.

Types of chocolate can be distinguished, pure unsweetened chocolate contains primarily cocoa solids in different parts. Types of bitter chocolate, raw, dark, white chocolate ... ... .. Dark chocolate is very popular with them, because it is used in many foods, drinks, as I said before. It 'also known as chocolate cake, contains 35% cocoa solid pure, and is a great source of gallic acid.

solid chocolate contains 75% cocoa aw, so it contains many minerals and vitamins. It is considered one of the most nutritious chocolate. It is a rich source of energy and healthy fats.

There are many negative effects as well as good and bad health. Possible effects on basic research such as cancer, brain stimulator, cough and diarrhea activities. An aphrodisiac effect is yet to be proven. Dark chocolate appears to help prevent heart disease. The negative effect of chocolate is toxic to many animals because of insufficient capacity to metabolize bromine. Studies have shown the black chocolate can reduce cholesterol in adults.

Each year the "World of Chocolate" is celebrated on September 4. It 'the first time celebrated in 2003, and now events are held each year. Daily self-selected, because it is the birth date of the foundation of the world of chocolate a day. '4 And in September chocolates sold in the world than at Christmas. People share the chocolate between the needy children and their relatives and friends in the form of a series of chocolate or chocolate baskets, which are decorated with beautiful flowers, ribbons, etc.


Andrew said...

Healthy is quite important.
Without Healthy we can't eat any more chocolate. :(

Asim Ali said...

benefits of chocolate
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