Milk Chocolate

milk chocolate
chocolate Milk contains chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, vanilla, milk solids and lecithin. Milk chocolate must contain chocolate liquor 10%, 3.7% fat milk solids and 12%. It contains less chocolate liquor, chocolate and are therefore not as pronounced aroma of chocolate.

The quality of milk chocolate varies from brand to brand European brands generally better. The best brands contain a higher percentage of cocoa liquor. Look for brands that contain pure ingredients and no artificial flavors. Milk chocolate contains general European condensed milk, while chocolate milk contains a blend of U.S. milk and the United Kingdom and sugar. It should be soft on the palate of fat in the mouth.

Consumed mainly by hand, like a bar of chocolate, but is used in some of the desserts, pastries and confectionery. It is very sensitive to heat, due to its high sugar content. Do not substitute milk chocolate for recipes that use chocolate semi-sweet or bitter.

Milk chocolate will keep for up to one year if stored in a cool, dry place.

chocolate milk
Note: The best way to choose which brand of chocolate to use in a recipe, the taste, the taste of chocolate does not change after cooking. A good quality chocolate has a delicious chocolate fragrance and a polished appearance and flawless. The taste should have no traces of chemicals and should be smooth and velvety, not grainy or too oily in the mouth.

I like most is a trademark of Cadbury. Other popular brands are Callebaut, Nestle, Valrhona, Baker, Lindt, Droste, just to name a few.

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