Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue


12 oz (1 bar), milk chocolate or 12 ounces of baking chocolate semi-sweet

3 / 4 c. whipping cream

3 c. soup. Cointreau brandy or rum

2 med. size banana

1 1 / 2 c. strawberries, halved apricots, cherries or raisins

1 1 / 2 C. diced fresh pineapple

6 slices of cake, angel food cake or sponge cake, about 3 / 4 "thick

Chocolate Fondue
Place chocolate and cream in a double boiler set over hot (not boiling) water and heat, stirring until chocolate melts and mixes with the cream. Stir in Cointreau. Transfer to a saucepan and place on either a tea light or electric hot. Or use a stove with a small bathroom with hot water. (Be careful not to overheat the chocolate sauce, or it can burn.)

Chocolate Fondue
Cut bananas into 1 / 2 inch sections and place in a bowl of nuts with a strawberry and pineapple cubes. Cut cake into squares and add 1 cm to the head. Bac place with hot chocolate sauce and served with bamboo skewers or fondue forks used to spear food and then dip in sauce. 6-8 servings.
Chocolate Fondue

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