Easter is a celebration: Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Cake


Up to 200g (7 in Australia), chocolate,
Cut into cubes 200g (7 in Australia) cold butter,
1 tablespoon rum or brandy
100 g (3 g) self-raising flour
85g (3 Australia) flour
¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda
200g (7 ounces) light brown sugar
200g (7 Australian) golden caster sugar
35g (1 ¼ in Australia), cocoa powder,
3 eggs with a little bit overwhelmed,
2tbsp of cream
In the natural yogurt 50ml (2 ουγκιά liquid)

To freeze

300ml (10 ουγκιά liquid) cream
2tbsp caster sugar
Up to 250g (9 in Australia), chocolate,
Mini chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate chips for garnish


Oven to Preheat 180 ° C / fan 160 ° C / gas four. Grease and line a 20 cm (8in) spring form cake tin. Place in a pan too much chocolate, butter, rum or brandy and 120ml (4 ουγκιά liquid) water. Heat slowly until the chocolate and butter have melted and rustling up until the orient.

The two-carb, sugar and cocoa in each bowl put flour. In another bowl, eggs, cream and yogurt and flour mixture into the chocolate mixture to the orient. To make it easier to pour into the prepared tin. After 1 ½ hours, and [* FR1] is cut into a position, horizontally on cooled for manufacture. Fallows.

Heat to boiling and add the cream and icing sugar
Chocolate. Transfer to a bowl and swish and polishing until the orient. Sandwich the layers of cake with frosting mush and sides of cake on top and the rest unfold. Mini chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate chips for garnish.


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