Banoffee pie "pastry" Recipe

English Banoffee pie dough, which takes its name from banana and toffee, caramel, what you get, sweetened condensed milk. This is a calorie bomb, usually organized around the base of cookies, slices of banana, milk jam (Dulche de leche), with a healthy dose of cream ... This is even more dramatic, such as clubs and cream toffee, milk chocolate recipe is a layer of ... Trish Desein after your book, I like pie, I (as usual) very suitable proportions and ingredients, but in general, I think that remains true to the spirit of murder ...
- 200 g of sand in English (eg, McVities)- 50 g of butter- 1 sweetened condensed milk- 3 bananas (quite large)- Lemon juice (real or bottled)- 200 grams of milk chocolate- Cream
Method of preparation:- The day before, prepare the jam milk, sweetened condensed milk as a result of: bank, which was a small fire, heat in a water bath canned condensed milk, 2 hours * Okay.- Closed book.- Crush cookies, mix them if necessary, and mix with melted butter.- Butter tart tray with removable bottom (it is important to ease the difficult task of service to release ...).- Spread mixture on crackers and edges, press firmly by hand.
- Book fridge.- Reduction of banana slices and pour lemon juice so they oxidize.- Place the dough.
- Pour milk until well coated banana jam.
- Steamers, melted milk chocolate. If necessary, add a little water or milk to get melted chocolate ...- Pour a layer of dulce de leche.
- Allow to cool for at least 2 hours, cool to harden.- Just before serving, unmold the cake carefully and put in a bowl and pour cream.
- Dulce de Leche 2 hours after cooking is my condensed milk was quite clear. Can we leave a little more, 2:30 such as amber, caramel closer?- I used cream trade, because if I did Banoffee home, he suffered a transport phase before serving. I do not see myself as more clutter that whipped himself (although we did more). Just to clarify, I still recommend Banoffee pie, if you bring a dessert, this is not a recipe that is a trip!- Ready to serve must be delivered quickly so that when cut into pieces, everything disappears and is no longer just about anything! Rate and its level, but I assure you that does not change the taste, by contrast, discerning mix your pleasure!


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