Chocolate Cake Birthday

Chocolate Cake Birthday
Here we presented with a lovely and practical application. All have Greatly facilitates the kitchen to follow a recipe ours, so there's no better gift. As my part is the food effectively, of course I had to give a super birthday cake!

This cake could not be more celebratory as it brings together two of our revenues more accessible when it comes to dessert: layers of brownie cake base, joined by Brigadier fillings and sweet milk. I took a incremented turning everything into a birthday cake from those you she repeats.
And the celebration is not over yet. Keep an eye on that tomorrow we will have a very cool promotion for you!. That all the happiness we have revenue producing, photographing food, seeking ideas, traveling and exploring flavors, go also to you. Long life all our readers.

Choice ingredients for birthday cake chocolate
  •   1 cake recipe base (chocolate flavor)
  •   1 brownie recipe
  •   2 cans condensed milk
  •   1/2 cup 5 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  •   1 can of sweet milk
  •   1 box of cream of milk

Preparation for birthday cake


Chocolate Cake Birthday    It is mounted in round layers of chocolate cake and brownie, so both must be the same size. The brownie does not work in a round shape, it is difficult to take over. So I recommend using a hoop to bake them, so it's easy to unmold. If you do not have a ring, another option is to bake the brownie square and cut it after using the round shape as a template. In this case, the corners you can freeze and use later in a recipe, or simply eat them.

    The chocolate cake has to be cut in half lengthways. To do this simply use a bread knife, sawing from one side to another. The bottom of the cake will be the first floor, then place it on the platter where the cake will be served (with the bottom facing down).

Well, with the cake and brownie ready and in the same format,
it's time to prepare the filling of Brigadier.


    Over low heat, cook 1 can of condensed milk with 5 tablespoons of cocoa powder, stirring constantly until it thickens slightly and peel off the bottom of the pan.

Cover the cake with the first floor of the Brigadier still hot.
(As it cools, it hardens and turns to spread crumbling the cake).

The next floor is the brownie, topped by sweet milk and spread.
Finish with the third floor being the top Chocolate Cake
(The inside part of the cake gets down).

    The gravy that will cover the cake is very simple to do, and to save dishwasher, use the same pan brigadier. Add 1 can of condensed milk, 1 carton of sour cream and 1/2 cup cocoa powder and light on medium heat for about 7 minutes, stirring constantly.

    Spread well she still sauce over the cake and top with the confectionery that you want. Wanted to be festive and colorful, so I chose confetti, but it could be granulated, sifted cocoa powder or other confection that fit your taste.

chocolate birthday cake

happy birthday chocoalte cake

happy birthday bunty cake

happy birthday cake with candle and chocolate


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